Research Grant

Research Grant

Recognizing that curated archaeological collections are an underused resource by archaeological researchers, the Cobb Institute of Archaeology, Office of Public Archaeology is now offering a program of small grants to encourage student use of research collections housed in the Institute’s artifact curation facility at Mississippi State University.

These research grants are competitive awards of up to $500 that will be given to support graduate student research using collections curated by the Institute. In addition, lab space will be provided for work done in residence. Applicants must have a committee-approved thesis or dissertation topic.

Email applications to Dr. Tony Boudreaux, Curator (

The grant application should consist of the following:

  • A two-three page description of the research, including a problem statement or hypothesis
  • A budget representing anticipated expenses
  • A letter from the thesis or dissertation advisor endorsing the research project
  • The applicant’s curriculum vita

The Cobb Institute Curation Facility primarily houses collections from US Army Corps of Engineer projects in the central Tombigbee River valley, including large collections from Archaic-period midden mounds, Woodland-period villages, Mississippian-period habitation sites and farmsteads, historic brick-making facilities, and a range of other site types. The facility also houses survey collections generated by other federal agencies and survey and excavation collections generated by MSU faculty and staff over the last several decades. Further details on collections can be found at .

There is no deadline; grants will be awarded as funds allow. Any proposals involving federal collections also will be reviewed by pertinent agency personnel, with such consequent strictures as may apply. Support for reconnaissance work to examine collections for suitability for thesis or dissertation research may also be available; queries along this line should be emailed to Keith Baca.